Terrestrial Arthropoda of Cyprus, v 0.2

This page is still under a lot of construction. At the moment, it functions only as a checklist, with almost every species reported in the literature represented, and it is all classified in a conservative taxonomy (left). Statistics are also available and more can be generated on request.

Future Developments:

The ultimate goal of this website is to become a resource for both biologists and for the interested public. The following are areas that will be developed gradually in the future.

Species pages: Every species will have its own page, containing images, ecological details (habitat, phenology) and biogeographical details (distribution, both national and international).

Genus and family pages: These will contain information that allows identification: diagnostic characters, typical habitats, etc.

Identification keys: In order to make the website much more user-friendly for the non-biologists, keys to orders will be prepared. There will also be keys to families, to genera and to species.

Bibliography: The checklist is sourced from many, many citations, most dating from before the time of DOIs. Many were read in non-digital format and the citations are lying in stacks of notes. Thus, this will take a very long time to complete.


This page is built and run by me, Marc Srour, and is the foundational block on which all future research on arthropod biodiversity in Cyprus will be built. The checklist is a one-man show, as are the identification keys and genus and family pages.

Special thanks go to George Konstantinou and Christodoulos Makris, whose years of fieldwork experience in Cyprus are priceless sources of information.

I am affiliated with and supported by the Enalia Physis Environmental Research Center.

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